Agile Values Activity and Poster

The most important part of Agile Software Development is the Agile Manifesto. Whenever I start working with a new team, I always start with the Agile 4 values and 12 principles from the Agile Manifesto.

Agile Manifesto Card Activity

I came across a great activity created by Samantha Laing and Karen Greaves of Growing Agile that I’ve used often in physical workshops and training. It’s really fun! It’s a way for teams to engage with the Agile Manifesto content collaboratively. See the Growing Agile – Agile Manifesto activity here for more detailed facilitator instructions.

Remote Activity

One challenge at the moment with remote work is building engaging, virtual activities to use with teams. It can take a lot of time to build these activities. I’ve created a remote version of the Agile Values Card Activity that I would like to share (Download PowerPoint Activity here).

Remote Agile Values Activity

Note: Running this activity remotely

You can access the activity on Google Slides and download a copy. You will need to upload this into your own Google Drive or another online collaboration tool. Even PowerPoint Online works well – as long as all participants can access and edit the document at the same time.

Agile Values Poster

A great takeaway for this activity is a completed poster with the Agile Values. You can download the completed Agile Values poster here.

Agile Manifesto – Values Poster

Feel free to contact me for any feedback or improvements to this activity.

I hope this is useful in your remote work!

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