I’ve always been known as a “compulsive note-taker” in meetings, training and talks. I use this as a way to concentrate and listen to what’s happening. Over the years, these notes have evolved from just text to scribbles, doodles and sketches to help me interpret the content.

Last year I attended a conference and, as usual, I found myself taking quite a few, visual notes. I tweeted a few out and got a positive response. Since then, colleagues have approached me to scan in my notes after training and they seem to find value in how I represent the content.

After finding out that sketchnoting and doodling were actually a “thing” and there are learning and cognitive reasons behind why we remember and understand visuals, I’ve decided to experiment and practice my techniques on this blog. Hopefully there will be something of interest for you too.

Oh, you just wanted to know my name and where I’m based? Well, I’m Talia, I am an Agile Consultant and Scrum Master in South Africa, working for IQ Business. You can check out my LinkedIn for that.

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  1. Girl I watched you in action … you ROCK … can’t wait to get a Ipad and the ap … learning is going to happen …Teresa O RV Management Summit

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  2. I am also a sketching scrum master and stumbled on your site!! Would love to connect and share ideas across the pond!


  3. Hi. I discovered your work through the Lee Harris Energy monthly update sketches you’ve done. Love them! I’m toying with some ideas for some animated sketches myself but don’t know where to start. Wondering if you can share the apps you use to sketch and record on? Thanks and keep up the great work!


    1. Hi there, I use Procreate App on my ipad. It has a time lapse recording that records behind the scenes. But it’s very linear. I’m sure there are better animation options. There are some rapid tools available, like Video Scribe, which do a lot of the heavy lifting for you… Hope this helps!


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